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Libro de fotos - Myanmar - por el fotografo uruguayo Juan Pablo Bonino, editado por Pantera & Company.

"Myanmar's project was born without seeking it. I made a trip to Asia and I found a country that was closed to tourism for many years and many people who had never seen foreign. I do not know if this is related to a human quality of these people, but their innocence and simplicity, in addition, that for them we were completely extraterrestrial, made me delve into their lives and spend almost a month meeting them and taking photos. When I returned to Buenos Aires I found that I had a lot of photos that I loved and I had the idea of making my first book. Regarding the 35mm format, it is basically because I had two very small cameras, a Leica and a Fuji, and I could transport them anywhere, but honestly, I am not very interested if the format is analog or a Blackberry."